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JULY 16 - 21, 2018


update May 10th, 2018

The patron of this event is

Cultural Director Annukka Larkio, City of Vantaa

Organizer of the Event: Suzuki-Families Association

Conference Venue: Music Institute of Vantaa (Lummetie 4, 01300 Vantaa), Cultural House Martinus (Martinlaaksontie 36, Vantaa)

Lessons for Suzuki Voice Teachers and Students
Master Class for Advanced Suzuki Voice Students
Suzuki Voice Teacher Training / Examinations / Teachers' Meetings

Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainers: Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki (Finland), Mette Heikkinen (Finland), Katrina Pezzimenti (Australia), Analia Capponi-Savolainen (Finland -Argentina) and Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi (Finland).

Suzuki Voice Teachers: Ulrika Ekström, Leea Lahtela and Tiia Pelkonen (Finland), Penny Adeney (Australia), Aldo Guerrero Moreno and Eugenia Ramirez (Mexico), Masayo Okano (Japan), Amelia Seyssel (New York City, USA), Eriko Shimada (England-Japan), Sharon Theroux (Alaska, USA), Kari Weldon (Arizona, USA) 

Accepted Suzuki Voice Teachers-in-Training: Janina Mäyry (Finland), Edyta Karska (Poland), Dulci Ellenberger (North Carolina, USA) and Mature age Suzuki Voice Students: Laura Lokey (USA) and De Miguel Nieves (Spain).

Students: age 6 months and up. Pianists: Marjaana Merikanto and Kimmo Ruotsala (Finland). Violinist: Kirsi Ruotsala. Chamber music group

Nationalities Argentina, Australia, China, England, Finland, German, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Moldova, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Sweden, USA.


Please look separate Time schedule

All Registered Suzuki Voice Teachers and Suzuki Voice Students are invited to participate in

  • Monday July 16th at 6 pm Opening Recital, Suzuki-Families association 30 years and “Songs for Sharing” Finnish Country presentation at Lumme Hall, Vantaa. (Public Recital)
  • Tuesday July 17th at 12 am Visiting Art Gallery K , Asematie 7
  • Tuesday July 17that 4 pm, Suzuki Voice Teacher’s Song Recital at Concert Hall ”Lummesali”, Vantaa (Public Recital)
  • Tuesday July 17that 6 pm “Songs for Sharing” Country presentations Concert Hall ”Lummesali”, Vantaa
  • Wednesday July 18th at 11 am Suzuki Voice students’ Solo Recital at ”Lummesali”, Vantaa
  • Thursday July 19th at 6 pm International “Songs for Sharing”  Gala Recital, Reception City of Vantaa and Buffet at Concert Hall Martinus, Vantaa (Public Recital)
  • Friday July 20th Song Day by the lake
  • Saturday July 21st Visit Suomenlinna and Linnanmäki

Conference Participation Costs
100 € Level 1—2 Suzuki Voice Students   
145 € Level 3 Suzuki Voice Students          
165 € Level 4—5 Suzuki Voice Students      
165 € Suzuki Voice Teachers and Suzuki Voice Teachers-in-Training         
NOTE: Siblings 30 € less/child
Participation costs will be paid to the Suzuki-Families Association account beforehand. However foreign participants are able to pay participation cost during the registration day Monday July 16th, 2018 at 10—12. Extra 30 minutes individual voice lessons possible at cost 30 € depending on amount of participants and time schedule. Payment: straight to the Suzuki Voice Teacher.
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